Care Instructions

laundry lesson

Hot water and high heat drying use excess energy and break down the integrity of clothing fibers. Keep your clothes new! Spot clean and pop them in the freezer overnight to remove odors.

When a total wash is necessary:

Always follow care instructions. Hand wash/air dry is usually your best bet, but some fabrics do require dry cleaning. If so, choose an eco-friendly option.

If you tumble dry, choose low or delicate. If you iron, choose warm.

garment washing

The industrial fashion industry uses excess water and chemicals in garment washing processes to shrink, fade, and soften garments after production. What a waste! Our garments are freshly sewn and ironed once before shipping off to you. A little shrinking and softening will occur upon first wash.


our favorite fabrics


We’re fans of materials like cotton and linen: easy to take care of, comfortable and long-lasting. When the time comes, natural garments are more easily recycled than those with synthetic parts or fibers.


Oh, the thrill! We love surplus, deadstock fabrics. Using existing materials is resourceful and has a lower carbon footprint than buying new. Since we work in limited runs, we can use every bit.