we love cotton.

Don't Worry Baby is committed to natural materials such as cotton, because they are easy to take care of, comfortable, long-lasting, and when the time comes, more easily recycled than garments with synthetic parts or fibers.

notes on garment washing:

The industrial fashion industry uses excess water and chemicals in garment washing processes to shrink, fade, and soften garments after production. Don't Worry Baby skips that step. The garment you receive is freshly sewn and ironed.

Please note that it will shrink a bit and soften after its first wash and dry.

on caring for your clothes:

Hot water and high heat drying uses more energy and shortens the life-span of a garment by breaking down the integrity of its fibers. When you can, spot clean your clothes and pop them in the freezer overnight to remove odors. When a total wash is necessary, we recommend the below instructions:

Machine or hand wash cold.
Hang or tumble dry low.
Warm iron (if you want) avoiding screen-printed surfaces.